Youth Association creACTive


7th of September 1
1430 Kavadarci
North Macedonia

What is your Mission?

The mission of the Youth Association creACTive is to support the creativity and active citizenship of young people by organizing activities in the areas of culture, non-formal education and leisure time activities of young people, as well as through working on recognition of youth work and promotion of volunteering in Macedonia.

Team building activity
What are the main activities?

Since 2009 creACTive has been coordinating the first open youth center in Kavadarci, which offers youth work services to young people on a daily basis. The center organizes the free time of young people through various non-formal educational, artistic and structured leisure time activities. Most of the beneficiaries of creACTive's youth center are young people that face various social obstacles that prevent them from active participation in the society.


As of 2020, the organization is managing the first public youth centre in North Macedonia established according to the Law for youth policy and youth participation, on behalf of the Municipality of Kavadarci and in partnership with another local youth organization. The current agreement to manage the youth centre is until the end of 2024.


Since 2017, creACTive actively works on applying film-making and Kino Kabaret approach in addressing social issues and supporting the participation of marginalized youth people. A team of film-makers and youth workers has adapted the methods of film-making to be used in daily work with young people, as well as in non-formal education activities such as camps. The organization has also hosted international training courses for youth workers on how to apply film-making in youth work.


creACTive is one of the founders of the Union for Youth Work and is actively involved in processes for recognition, standardization and professionalization of youth work in Macedonia. On international level, creACTive implements youth exchanges, training courses and other activities mainly in the framework of the Erasmus+ Programme, aimed at supporting young people and youth workers. creACTive sends and hosts volunteers through the European Solidarity Corps, and it is well experienced in supporting volunteers with fewer opportunities.