Forum Theatre

is tested in rural area
is tested in urban area
What are the target groups?
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Forum theatre has been used as a tool in the promotion of social justice and democracy, and a way to experiment and rehearse social change: the spectators of a play in which a case of oppression is being played are invited into taking the roles for themselves and to try and change the outcome. It provides a safe space and environment for the oppressed people in a community to speak up and defend themselves through dialogue; it involves a complete and utter rejection of violence, instead preferring to incite people to try and change the situation in which they are oppressed by peaceful but still active empowerment. Since a play is performed and people are invited into participating, it promotes the idea that all of us as citizens have the ability to join in the social change, and it develops feelings of empathy and understanding.

How does the method support social change?

By empowering opressed members of the society, Forum theatre has the potential to promote social justice and strengthen democratic change in the community. The Forum theatre performance tackles real and concrete cases of discrimination and oppression that are troubling the community members. By the active process of exploration of different approaches to breaking the cycle of opression firstly it raises the awareness of the local community about the social issues, and secondly it provides the opressed individuals with an arsenal of tools they can use in real situations of opression. 

What are the steps for applying the method?

1. Form a group from the community
2. Introduce the group with the principles and process of forum theatre
3. Workshops to explore the topics related to the type of social opression that is tackled
4. Engage the participants in acting through Image theatre and Forum theatre exercises
5. Develop e short story to be acted  
Prepare and practice the Forum theatre performance
7. Public Forum theatre performance with local audience

Forum theatre in Kavadarci
North Macedonia