Making Movies Matter

is tested in rural area
is tested in urban area
What are the target groups?
Submitted by datanasov

Making Movies Matter seeks to explore the potential of using movie-making as a methodology for actively involving young people in debating and understanding the fundamental social issues, turning youth from passive consumers to active creators in their own community.  The aim with this tool is to explore the opportunities offered by movie-making for engaging a wider population of young people into an active discussion on the fundamental European values, local values and other social themes.

How does the method support social change?

Through the process of creating short films, young people can learn and discover new skills and competences that they can apply in a social setting afterwards. With this methodology we are also able to introduce different social issues in a more engaging way, and to inspire participants to take more active role in society by expressing their thoughts, concerns and ideas about various social issues. The created short films are presented with a wide audience of community members, who can also engage in discussing social issues. 

What are the steps for applying the method?

1. Various storytelling activities, so the participants can practice their storytelling skills.
2. Workshops to indroduce the participants to the basics of filmmaking: cinematography, editing, music, acting etc.
3. Thematic workshos related to the social issue that is being addressed
4. Facilitate the creation of a short story that young people would like to film.
5. Two days of filming, editing and finishing the short film.
6. Public screening and reflection.

North Macedonia