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What are the target groups?
Submitted by Ari Malewitsch

Honorary Hotel - a mobile toolkit for newcomers

This method is an answer to the question, How to involve people? First and foremost, one has to reach out to them. This is achieved by activating personal connections. Invite friends, neighbours, colleagues, partners, guest artists, people connected to newcomers and their contacts to come and join activities!

How does the method support social change?

The Honorary Hotel – a mobile toolkit for newcomers project by Tandem Europe participants Inga Gerner Nielsen (Performance- & Film Production in Vendyssel - Tversted, Denmark) and Ariane Jedlitschka (Helden wider Willen e.V. - Leipzig, Germany) is about social inclusion. They facilitate encounters between the local cultural community, residents of the region and newcomers. Inspired by Tandem methods and tools they created a new method that helps build communities. 

What are the steps for applying the method?

The way you use that method and work with groups and the community
1. Would you like to join?: To start a circle of trust, facilitate face to face encounters
2. Hi, who are you?: The encounter - The activity
3. Let’s meet again: Create the conditions to build a long-term relationship