Hildegardstraße 51
04315 Leipzig

What is your Mission?

More green, less traffic, more quality of life - the association aims to transform the district on Eisenbahnstraße in the east of Leipzig into a "superblock". In the future, the district is to be characterized by a green-blue network of pedestrian-friendly public spaces as well as bicycle and play streets where the neighborhood meets and exchanges ideas.

With the founding of SUPERBLOCKS Leipzig e.V., a basis for co-productive cooperation between civil society, politics, administration and science was created. Together with the neighboring neighborhoods and the project partners, the core team is developing a co-production strategy that will involve stakeholders from politics and administration in the long term and enable low-threshold participation by people in the district.

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What are the main activities?

Based on the idea of ​​the "superblock" from Barcelona, ​​the project responds to the specific challenges of densely populated and socially mixed urban quarters. As people have had to withdraw more to their immediate living and living environment during the pandemic, the need for sustainable “urban development on a human scale” has increased.

Innovative participatory actions take place as urban interventions, which are tested across phases via participation formats and in cooperation with the Kollektiv Plus X e.V., Helden wider Willen e.V., the ADFC and other interested parties. The actions range from a mobile construction office, street regulars' tables, urban interventions, street schools and hands-on forums to the transcultural format MULTIKULTI - Kulturkiosk.

All phases of process development - project parts, activation of citizenship, evaluation etc. - should result in comprehensive documentation. It is intended to serve as a practical handbook to initiate further projects to consolidate the development of "Leipzig Superblocks".