GRÜNE LIGA Kohrener Land e.V.


Rüdigsdorf 29
04654 Frohburg

What is your Mission?

The GRÜNE LIGA Kohrener Land e. V. (GLKL) was founded in 1998 and currently has 12 members. The association is based in Rüdigsdorf, a district of Frohburg in the district of Leipzig, and thus in the Kohrener Land landscape area. The purpose of the association is to support sustainable regional development, in particular by promoting nature and environmental protection, culture and education, child and youth work and monument protection, primarily in the Kohrener Land.

Apfelernte Angelika Semenow
What are the main activities?

The purpose of the association is realized in particular through the care and maintenance of natural areas, landscape areas, protected biotopes; Advisory; the development of concepts and studies; the initiation and implementation of actions and projects as well as the implementation of lectures, training courses, conferences, seminars, excursions and other educational events.