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Are you looking for new and effective methods that you can use in your community? Here you can find a database of artistic methods that have been tested and generously shared by the community. Got an exciting method to present to the world?
Title Short description social change steps Target groups Area
Circle of Trust

Honorary Hotel - a mobile toolkit for newcomers

This method is an answer to the question, How to involve people? First and foremost, one has to reach out to them. This is achieved by activating personal connections. Invite friends, neighbours, colleagues, partners, guest artists, people connected to newcomers and their contacts to come and join activities!

The Honorary Hotel – a mobile toolkit for newcomers project by Tandem Europe partici

The way you use that method and work with groups and the community
1. Would you like to join?: To start a circle of trust, facilitate face to face encounters

newcomers, residents
Forum Theatre

Forum theatre has been used as a tool in the promotion of social justice and democracy, and a way to experiment and rehearse social change: the spectators of a play in which a case of oppression is being played are invited into taking the roles for themselves and to try and change the outcome.

By empowering opressed members of the society, Forum theatre has the potential to promote social justice and strengthen democratic change in the community.

1. Form a group from the community
2. Introduce the group with the principles and process of forum theatre

Young people
North Macedonia
Making Movies Matter

Making Movies Matter seeks to explore the potential of using movie-making as a methodology for actively involving young people in debating and understanding the fundamental social issues, turning youth from passive consumers to active creators in their own community.  The aim with this tool is to explore the opportunities offered by movie-making for engaging a wider population of young people i

Through the process of creating short films, young people can learn and discover new skills and competences that they can apply in a social setting afterwards.

1. Various storytelling activities, so the participants can practice their storytelling skills.

Young people
North Macedonia

mu-zee-um is an art educative organization for the promotion and the stimulation of the exchange between art(ist)s and the public. We do this by organizing and creating educative projects and sessions on local, regional, national, and international levels.

mu-zee-um organized this day to present all kinds of methods suited for several target groups of people with a disability to make culture accessible and in

People with autism, people with hearing loss, blind people, people with intellectual disabilities